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Granada Barca : Up On Xavi Free Kick

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It hasn't been the flashiest of displays from Barcelona in the first half of their match against Granada, but they're ahead 1-0 and they don't look like relinquishing that lead. Without David Villa and Andres Iniesta in the side it's been a bit of a different look, while Lionel Messi looks (understandably) a bit tired and off the pace. Xavi's been his usual brilliant self, though, and on the day he set the record for league appearances in a Blaugrana shirt, the little wizard has put his team ahead.

In the 33rd minute, after winning a free kick just outside of the penalty area, Xavi stepped up and scooped the ball over the wall, bending and dipping into the top left corner of the goal. Barcelona have had plenty of possession, as is customary, but that direct free kick was far and away their best opportunity of the half. Debutant Isaac Cuenta has been okay so far, but he doesn't quite look like he's up to this level at this point in time.

Barcelona have plenty of firepower on the bench, and could opt to spice things up with substitutes while giving Lionel Messi a bit of a rest.











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