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EL Muhajer TV an Arabic TV Channel and Media

El Muhajer TV was launched on October 13, 2005 by the Moroccan journalist Mohamed Said Ouafi with three major goals in mind; to counter the official Arab states' media campaigns that are meant to mislead and misinform rather than educate and inform the public; to provide Moroccans and Arab communities in general and those living in the West in particular with the right information to help them make decisions that affect their lives and future; and to initiate a dialogue with Arab intellectual residing in the United States and Europe to identify and explain political and cultural and economic challenges facing Arab nations and Arab communities everywhere. It is our hope and mission to help our fast growing audience to understand issues of concern and become more aware of their rights and responsibilities, not only as Arab citizens but also as citizens of a culturally and economically globalized world, where all problems, aspirations and ideas travel with the speed of the Internet to affect all peoples and all aspects of life.

El Muhajer TV, moroccan Community in United states Of America and Around the World. Arabic Media TV And News